Refrigerating gels

1kg refrigerating gel -5°C

1kg refrigerating gel 0°C

Custom printed refrigerating gel 
0°C or -5°C

Starting from 1000 units

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From food retailers to hypermarkets, packaging wholesalers, advertising agencies, manufacturers, transporters and logisticians, e-commerce and home delivery, 3P France is committed to providing the appropriate cold chain preservation solution for your needs.

Ideal for ensuring the total preservation of your most sensitive food products, 3P France’s refrigerated gels are made for your bags, coolers or parcels and thus increase their reliability.

They are available in the form of 1 kg bags in a positive cold version with a temperature of 0°C, and in a negative cold version with a temperature of -5°C.

Other models can be made-to-measure on request (from 250g to 1kg and also 90g bags).

Good to know:

For best usage and optimal cold restitution, it is necessary to freeze them flat for 24 hours.

Advantages :

Manufactured in France
Food contact compatible
Additional information and technical specification (in French):

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3P France is committed to providing the best cold chain circuit solution on the market.